Regional Project for Adaptation to Climate Change (Agriculture and Water Resources)
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Project location: Peru

The program strengthens capacities in the agricultural sector to include the impacts of climate change in development policies and public investment management. It has 3 components: A regional platform on climate information and knowledge of the Andean Region; support services for developing adaptation strategies to climate change; and, induction in participatory political processes to adapt sectoral policies in selected countries.

Impact Chain
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Project details
Type of project Training
Status of project potential
Spatial scale transboundary - involving more than one country
Emergence of effect not specified
Persistence of effect not specified
Running time 2 years
Total costs 3 millions euro
Initial investment not specified
Maintenance costs not specified
Initiating agent GTZ, Andean Community of Nations (CAN)
Executing agent GTZ, Andean Community of Nations (CAN)
Funding source German Economic and Development Cooperation Ministry (BMZ)
Additional information
The project is located in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The start date for the program is 06/2010 however it will depend on the Andean resolution from the Andean Community of Nations (CAN).
Problem-solving capacity and reversibility
Problem-solving coverage not specified
Reversibility not specified
Relevant sectors
Agriculture, Water
Evaluative information
Success factors not specified
Limiting factors not specified
Synergies to Mitigation


No-regret or Win-Win option not specified
Evaluation of the project not specified
Contact information
Name: Simon Gunter
Address: Av. Los Incas 172, piso 4, El Olivar. San Isidro
Tel: (511) 442 0888
Information source
Summary activities and products, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change (August 2009), PDRS-GTZ